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Veterans   Upward   Bound

Serving   Clermont   County
Call   513  569  4992

The Veterans Upward Bound Program Will Provide The Following Services

 Short-term remedial or refresher courses for veterans who are high school graduates but who      have delayed pursuing postsecondary education

  Intensive basic skills development in those academic subjects required for successful completion
     of a high school equivalency program and for admission to postsecondary education programs

 Career selection, advising and assistance

 Financial aid advising and application assistance

 Academic needs assessment and program planning

 Academic instruction and tutoring

 College life adjustment and study skills workshops

 Referrals to other essential veterans services

 Community and cultural enrichment activities


A Federal Trio Program funded by the
U S Depaqrtment Of Education,
working in cooperation with the
Clermont  County  Veterans  Service