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Necessary Funding

Since the dedication of the Memorial in 1993, V.V.A. 649, as part of our mission,
has provided all maintenance including landscaping, weeding, replacing the light bulbs,
and the lighting fixtures, replacing the flags every few months, paying the electric bill,
painting the helicopter as needed and repairing various damage done by vandalism.
In the past four years V.V.A. 649 has spent over $11,000 on the above listed items.

A major repair was recently completed and paid for by Union Township Trustees
on behalf of the citizens of Union Township.
Over time the commemorative bricks which form a patio surrounding the helicopter
began to shift and buckle due to water erosion beneath the bricks.
Although V.V.A. 649 had plans to complete the repairs later in the year,
Union Township Trustees wanted to get the job done before the
American Veterans Traveling Tribute arrived in September.
All the bricks and sand base were removed.
The sand base was replaced with crushed limestone and the bricks were reinstalled
in a manor to allow for proper drainage.

A maintenance fund has been established by V.V.A. 649 to provide for future
major repairs to help ensure the Memorial will be here to honor our veterans
for many years to come.

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