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In March, 2004, the Ohio National Guard 148th Infantry was deployed to Kosovo
To Be a Task Force Element Made Up Of The 148th Infantry BN.

There were 103 soldiers that left Ohio for a one year deployment.
In March, 2005, all 103 soldiers returned home to Ohio safely.

On June 4th 2005, a Welcome Home Dinner was given for the returning soldiers.
The Award Ceremony held on June 5th

Among the many to receive awards were Clermont County Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 649.
of which Darryl Trace & myself, Wayne Gregory, are members.
We accepted the awards on behalf of Chapter 649.

The 148th Infantry is the unit Darryl was attached to when he was in the Ohio National Guard,
an Chapter 649 agreed that it was only fitting that we, as a chapter, all being Military Veterans,
needed to do something to help the soldiers of today’s era.

After the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9 – 11 – 2001,
The 148th was called to duty to guard a restricted area in Indiana.

Chapter 649 supported the troops buy supplying each soldier with a calling card as a Christmas Gift,
so that they may be able to call home to their families and children while on deployment.

And once again when deployed to Kosovo, Chapter 649 again
made arrangements to supply gift cards to the troops while stationed in Kosovo.